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Daily Webinar: Build an Interactive Live Streaming Video Experience

Join Daily for an exciting event about the future of interactive live video. During the event, you’ll get access to exclusive content, including:
  • Discover what interactive live streaming is and why developers in the video space need to know about it.  
  • Understand why WebRTC is the ideal solution for building the lowest latency interactive streaming experience and securing your competitive advantage.
  • Learn how to build a Daily-powered interactive video experience using custom layouts and animated graphics like toasts (the text animation kind, not artisanal sourdough), polls, queues, and watermarks.
You’ll walk away with new inspiration on how to use Daily to build highly stylized and interactive video experiences that allow you to reach hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. 

This event is hosted by peerConnection, Daily’s community forum. After signing up, you will receive login information for your peerConnection community account.
Presentation by
Jonathan Taylor 

60 minutes

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